About my guitar

My guitars

I own a classic guitar from Alhambra, the C-series. Its easiness pulsation, its perfect left-hand grip, its ductility, its power and efficiency in the sound emission, make it a perfect instrument to begin a concert career. The selection of woods and the intelligent work done around the top and main elements of the guitar are translated into a beautiful sound and make it a high quality instrument with a high guarantee of durability and reliability. Here there is a picture of it.

Also I own a green acoustic guitar from Ibanez, the JCM-series and an electric guitar from Epiphone, a Cerry Vintage SG one

The songs that I’m playing

Bermuda triangle exit (Stefan Grossman) — Estudios sencillos VI (Leo Brouwer) — Estudios sencillos I (Leo Brouwer) — Jeux interdits (Anonymous) — Malaguena (Michael Lucarelli) — Op.48 N.5 (Mauro Giuliani) — Op.48 N.3 (Mauro Giuliani) — Op.48 N.1 (Mauro Giuliani) — Etude in B minor (Fernanso Sor) — Adelita (Francisco Tarrega) — Lagrima Preludio (Francisco Tarrega) — Is there anybody out there (Pink floyd) — Allegretto Op. 59 (Matteo Carcassi) — Op. 241 N.15 (Carulli) — Op. 31 N.9 (Fernando Sor) — Guinnevere (David Crosby) — Estudio E min (Francisco Tarrega) — Moderato (J.K. Mertz)Hey you (Pink Floyd) — Through the barricades (Spandau Ballet) — Shape of my heart (Sting & Dominic Miller) — Tears in heaven (Eric Clapton)

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