Who I am – about the author

My name is Dario Corvino

I was born in Lecce. I live in Milan with my wife and my son.

I currently work for Sky Italia Media Company, as IT service manager.

email: dario.corvino@gmail.com Mobile: (+39) 348 70 76 802

What I do

I like to spend time and to travel with my family.

I’m a fun of my son’s soccer team supporting him on each match.

I study classic guitar with a private teacher, playing classic and modern pieces.

My interests are AI, futurism, science fiction and dystopic novels.

I like to observe the new skyline of the city, the new buildings and the architecture.

I have enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life and work, I try always to make things better.

I’m occasionally a blogger of this page.

Working experiences

IT Service Manager at Sky Italia (2016 – until now)

Service delivery management for Sky Italia, Telco & Media Company.

Responsibility for the quality of IT service to customers base.

Project manager, bringing new features and technology to clients

IT Service Manager at Vodafone Italia (2008 – 2016)

Service delivery management and responsibility for Customer’s service level at Vodafone.

Management of budget, cost and quality of the service.

Experience in leading a team of 20 people

IT Project manager (2004 – 2008)

Project management responsibility in design, scope and implementation.

Deployment and integration of new applications and infrastructures in Business Critical Environments.

Implementation of Secure Policies and Auditing system and compliancy to law & regulation

Last travels

Recently Thailand, United States, Quebec, Morocco, Cuba, Turkey, Sweden

With my guitar

I’m currently playing: Bermuda triangle exit (S.Grossman) – Estudios sencillos VI (L.Brower) – Estudios sencillos (L.Brower) – Jeux interdits – Malaguena (M.Lucarelli) – Op.48 N.5 (M.Giuliani) – Op.48 N.3 (M.Giuliani) – Op.48 N.1 (M.Giuliani) – Etude in B minor (F.Sor) – Adelita (F.Tarrega) – Lagrima Preludio (F.Tarrega) – Allegretto Op. 59 (M.Carcassi) – Op. 241 N.15 (Carulli) – Op. 31 N.9 (F.Sor) – Guinnevere (D.Crosby) – Estudio E min (F.Tarrega)

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