Sony’s racing car AI destroyed human competitors

Gran Turismo Sophy is a revolutionary superhuman racing AI agent that has mastered the highly realistic game of Gran Turismo® Sport, to race against and elevate the gaming experience of top Gran Turismo drivers.

Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy) is the result of a unique collaboration between Sony AI, a cutting-edge AI research organization, Polyphony Digital (PDI), the creative studio behind the world-famous Gran Turismo games, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the PlayStation®︎ company. The three-way collaboration achieved a new breakthrough in AI technology and demonstrates how AI can create new experiences for even the most accomplished game players.

Built by Sony AI, a research lab launched by the company in 2020, Gran Turismo Sophy is a computer program trained to control racing cars inside the world of Gran Turismo, a video game known for its super-realistic simulations of real vehicles and tracks. In a series of events held behind closed doors last year, Sony put its program up against the best humans on the professional sim-racing circuit. 

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